Best Alex Jones Pedophile RANT In History!! #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking

Alex Jones goes off on Salon’s Facebook page showing leftist news organization’s resident pedophile, Todd Nickerson, explaining how he masturbated over a 5-year-old girl while romanticized video footage of a child is used to illustrate his sick fantasy.

Censored: Journalist Exposes Elite Pedophile Ring

Special Report: Pedophile Empire Exposed

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33 thoughts on “Best Alex Jones Pedophile RANT In History!! #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking

  1. people are too busy looking at their scrunched lips in a fucking camera. I wish I could blame just politicians or globalists for what's going on. but the truth is this whole scheme requires our consent at every turn. society, social media, tv, you name it is to a large degree a reflection of what the MAJORITY of us are. that's the most disgusting/ upsetting aspect of all this we are constantly prooving the scum to be correct about us when they say we are weak or stupid or trash. We as citizens DO have a responsibility for ourselves, those around us and our nation because wether we like it or not for better or worse we are all connected and we affect each other. the good thing about taking responsibility and the good thing about it being our fault means WE have the power to DO something. go take one look on social media maybe even your own for five minutes and you will lose faith in humanity. the shit people pay attention to and the level of ignorance and narcissism is absolutely appalling to be perfectly honest. What was that ancient myth about the guy who couldn't stop staring at his own reflection in a vain manner and he ends up drowning in the water gazing at his own stupid face. that's where we are at folks.

  2. Its funny how when he screams he jumps in his chair

  3. Tonight!.. On Monday night RAW!

  4. Its incredible, when will people wake up and realize, they are turning the frogs gay!

  5. Anybody know if there's evidence for the raping dead children part?

  6. hey if it pays the bills and makes me this guy rise and can tell he watches wrestling lol great stuff alex lol

  7. lol omg dude your so crazy lmfao lol your going to blow a gasket lol lol

  8. It's so hard to believe the degree and growing amount of sick people! At one time, it was justified to drag these sick disgusting perverts out into the street and put an end to their wickedness, but the liberals and other left-wingers made it so that child molesters actually have rights and these organizations such the aclu are working to give them even more rights. It's past time for a civil war! Who is willing to fight to the death to protect the innocent children???

  9. WTF is this shit? what can I do to stop this shit? Our culture has become the most sickly and diseased it has ever been. Please If anyone sees this or hears of it in or around your town speak up. Stand up. Put this evil down wherever it appears, and for fuck's sake get these people help. Let us re-examine the LGBTQ(+pedo) status as a mental disorder. Jesus loved the sinners but he sought to help them in every way he could.

  10. Awesome Alex, my spirit feels it too

  11. Who gave this jackass a microphone?

  12. Where were these "dungeons"

  13. fists time that i agree with alex. wow that's really horrible. I was sexual abused since I was 6 years old until 12 , is not a good thing

  14. Pedophiles aren't monsters. Child molesters are. There's a huge difference. It's like being a straight male, you're chilling, but when you rape a bitch you are a monster. Hopefully this metaphor helps your perspective.

  15. Right but I didn't see any of you complaining when Milo Yiannoupoulos encouraged and condoned pedophilia. But that's the alt right double standard. 🙂


  17. grab out the next child from your yard lmao

  18. This video is perfect for the Wall Street journal, so much they can take out of context here lol

  19. leftest liberals support peados and alot are.

  20. Creeper mullet. I fucking love it.

  21. It'd be pretty entertaining to watch him run for president

  22. this is your cause alex. focus on this and only this. it is the biggest evil today. ps  my water taste funny don't suppose you could recommend a good water filter could you

  23. it's like you said they're trying to soft kill us and dumb us down. You're a good man wish there were more like you.

  24. todd reminds me of buffalo bill from silence of the lambs

  25. i never thought the world would come to this. normal, well ajusted people know that morally pedophilia is wrong, trying to agrue this with a pedophile now because of this PC, social justice bullshit seems to be a losing battle….. this can not become normalized.

  26. this guy isnt fake news lmaoo hes the king of fake news you liar u fukin suck

  27. Who else shat their pants at 3:40 ?

  28. It's funny cause milo endorsed pedophilia

  29. I used to think this guy was just a racist idiot, but he does have some good points. Admittedly, not all – but he's on the right lines here.

  30. 304 people defend pedophiles

  31. there are some very sick people out there, shoot the bastard !!!!

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