Behind FBI scrutiny of Jared Kushner’s contacts with Russia #LatestNews

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CBS News chief Washington correspondent and “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning” from Washington to discuss the FBI’s Russia probe, reports of President Trump shaking up his communications team, and how his first trip overseas in office is going.

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13 Thoughts to “Behind FBI scrutiny of Jared Kushner’s contacts with Russia #LatestNews”

  1. This isn't back channeling by definition. This is treason by definition and McMaster and Kelly are lying out right. As Richard Painter, a 30 year Republican and WH Lawyer under President said, If the Obama's transition team had done this Bush and his team would've had them locked up and Obama could go meet them Jan. 20th at The Guantanamo Bay detention camp and I believe him. This is worse than Watergate because it was the Republicans who told Nixon the gig was up. They themselves understood protecting the nation was more important that protecting the party. Without a nation there would be no party. It's like fighting with your siblings, sure you can beat the crap out of them but if someone else tries that move. You both would beat the crap out of that person.

  2. i dont know but that dude look creepy .

  3. k s

    I wonder if mr trump knew maybe this could be uncovered and that's why he has been saying fake news fake news, so that if it did come out people would have said oh it's just fake news, because that's all his followers say when anything implicating him or his people comes out. BC By the looks of all this something fishy did happen! The FBI has been making too much noise with this Russian scandal for a while now there must be something real about it.

  4. FAKE NEWS. I want REAL NEWS on how many scoops of ice cream Trump gets

  5. Frat boy won't do well in a real lockup.

  6. The entire white house is full of crooks like Trump

  7. Kusher is a mangina, like trudeau, a boy with no idea. This indites trump.

  8. There is a cult of ignorance among Trump's supporters, and there always has been. The point is that Trump and his flunkies have been engaging in an impetuous, all-out hate-fest. As far as I can tell, hatred—in particular of Trump's competitors and others who want to tell it like it is—must be their reason for being.

  9. Willing to cooperate? That means the fix is in. Trump has already prepared the paperwork for Jared's Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  10. Is Anyone Surprised that Kushner is a Person of Interest? Look, his father was recently convicted of tax evasion, witness tampering and illegal campaign contributions. Ignore his Boyish Looks, this guy is a viper. Jared will stop at nothing for power.

  11. media and the deep state are trying to undermine and destroy our democracy

  12. Trump offending allies while befriending dictators. What a shock.

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