Before you write off Pizzagate: PT. 1 BROCK (ODDREALITY) #PizzaGate #Corruption



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9 Thoughts to “Before you write off Pizzagate: PT. 1 BROCK (ODDREALITY) #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Subtle Infinity is leaving YT!

  2. Great work! I'm rewatching for the third time. And you made me realize something.

  3. Sorry Caveman444, I had no clue what you were talking about.

  4. Zach is one of the most obvious shills on here now so i have no idea why you are still listening to this dude. He said the same thing about flat earth, he mocks god every chance he gets infact hmmm when have we heard this from the Hubbards before….

  5. You shouldn't feel the need to rush your thoughts. Take your time, gather your thoughts neatly. Youtube can wait. I appreciate your effort in the search for truth

  6. thx caveman for addressing this.

  7. I like your videos but this video took way to long. Could've said all you said in a minute

  8. Dojo pizza. Franklin Scandal. BBC scandal. Jeffery Epstein scandal. Anthony Weiner scandal. To deny this evidence is to turn a blind eye while children are being victimized PERIOD. Mike is wrong and I am disgusted with him.

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