Australian Politicians Entitlements 2017 Malcolm Turnbull Joe Hockey – WARN YOUR VICTIMS #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Australia #News


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3 thoughts on “Australian Politicians Entitlements 2017 Malcolm Turnbull Joe Hockey – WARN YOUR VICTIMS #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Australia #News

  1. Australias Treasonous fake politicians Now On Notice !
    Alaska state judge Anna von Reitz: A Fair Bank for the world

    All Western governments have been set-upon by criminals at every possible juncture and their intent has been to kill off our republic in the case of America and replace it with a bankrupt democracy and then liquidate the assets of that democracy in payment of their own debt which is basically a gigantic identity theft and that is piracy (The entire system of governance relies on identity fraud) and nothing short of the 'System of Plunder' operating in all its glory in America and her two 'Down Syndrome children' Australia and New Zealand and indeed the rest of the world.

    The truly disgusting, ignorant fake politicians in Australia may have once been only 'Negligent' but today they are all fully aware of their crimes and that now makes them 'Grossly Negligent' and that means they are all criminals  . . .

    Thousands of 'Australian Nationals' men and woman are now fighting with Romley and Rohan and we will very shortly make sure that this repugnant banking cartel, run and owned, criminal, puppet, de-facto government of Australia that has usurped our legitimate lawful common lore government (with all its faults) of "We the people" will soon be held accountable.

    All Bar Association members must have nothing to do with any government and so I say to the Judas of all politicians in Australia: 'Peter Garrett' That you will go down in the history of Australian politics as being the most vile, repugnant, treasonous politician that Australian has ever known.

    The fake Federal Government of Australia is operating as a sworn jurisdiction as a corporation which it is never designed to do and the 'Holy Sea' has fingers in this process and so does the 'British Monarch' and so in 1908 they really made their big move to bring everything under ecclesiastical law and to incorporate more and more of the government as franchises and to bring forward this whole system of dead corporate entities being in control of government functions.

    The corporate congress was already operating as a board of directors for the United States of America Inc (Incorporated) and abdicated its responsibility to control money and if you read the constitution, you will see that one of Congresses chief responsibilities, is to deal with the money, to safe guard the 'Nations Money' and to supervise for it and so on. 

    So they advocated that responsibility in 1913, as a result of their duck hunting trip to Jekyll Island with the Federal Reserve Act, and they handed that all over to the Federal Reserve, which is nothing but a private banking cartel 'mostly European' and so then we got the whole scam with the manipulation of the stock markets, the 1929 crash, the bankruptcy in 1933, the emergency bankruptcy act, which then made their private script' their IOU, legal tenderer that was the beneficiary of a fixed exchange rate.

    So basically in 1913, they started playing with Monopoly money and in 1924, they took over and seized the assets of the 'US Treasury' and there hasn't been a real 'United States Treasury Department' since 1924 and so everything that you see to be the 'United States Treasury' are just corporate officers and they have nothing to do with us 'We the people' in terms of actually being our Treasury.

    You can only tell a big lie until the whole thing comes home and the whole world knows it today and even though Australia and New Zealand are just the two pathetic, Down Syndrome Children of America, it doesn't matter because those 'Australian Nationals' like me: neville-mladen: mikulandra and dozens of like minded colleagues, will fight to the death to bring down this banking cartel run and owned, puppet, de-facto fake government of Australia and you filthy politicians can either join us now or be well and truly marked for your repugnant position of treason, theft and plunder.

    We truly trusted you but we no longer want your pathetic benefits as press-ganged slave citizens in return for killing us and our children of flesh and blood and plundering our property and indeed decimating our industry and replacing it with an economy that is 70% recycled theft and 30% real, shame on you . . .

    The Australian politicians are now put on Notice for Treason  . . .

    We know today of your fraud and that all Government, Court and Police  documents are all bogus and fake and dogged in DOG-LATIN! The language of the illiterate!
    What a fucking Joke but soon all men and woman of this Nation will have the mental capacity to know who he is and walk into your filthy Kangaroo courts that are the head of the banking cartels system of plunder and have you bastards running for the hills then that wont be a day too soon.

    We also know why there will never be Royal Commission into banking and even if there was, then big fucking deal because it would only be worse and why is this? because we know today that every man who naively borrowed: $400,000.00 to buy his home actually paid for that home from his own pocket (UCC Article 3, NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS) The banks stole our money (security) from our estate, lent it back to us – made us pay it back to them in full – with Interest – and then borrowed against the stolen loot and put Australia into even more debt and gave Australia even more Inflation and if you arseholes in the body politic think this is funny! Well fucking think again! . . .

    "OH" and I almost forgot, and why does 'Australia' import so many immigrants at our social and commercial expense? Yes of course! So the criminal body politic can borrow against their securitised estates and start plundering their property and putting this country into even more debt and making our children poorer.

    The criminality and the audacity and the arrogance of the criminals are such that they have gone as far as to patent their crimes and as such, judge anna-maria: reitzinger has put a 279 Trillion dollar Lien on the 'Bar Association' and so the quicker the current Treasonous fake Australia politicians expose themselves and their cunning surreptitious, clandestine, furtive 'System of Plunder' headed by the Racketeering organisation known as the 'quasi legal system' and all state police forces' who are currently enforcing fake 'Drivers Licenses' also dogged in DOG-LATIN and carrying substituted forged 'born dates' for 'birth dates' prima facie crimes under Section 85Q and Section 514, Queensland Criminal Code 1899, and continue to confer unlawful debt titles onto the law abiding public, then the better it will be when all your members are put in Gael also.All 'Australian Nationals' men and woman make this formal request to the fake Australian police working for a foreign person in the District of Columbia to be rid of your violence and for the police to immediately leave alone and to stop trespassing against all lawful 'Australian Nationals' and to allow us to freely travel  on our public roads in our private automobiles as Grantors and Beneficiaries of our estates and not be forced into press-ganging by holding 'unlawfully' your fake criminal 'Drivers License's' so that we can once again be invested with our absolute property rights and immediately start putting members of the banking cartel run and owned puppet, de-facto government of Australia in Gaol and also all of the policy enforcers pretending to be the (police) and all the members of the 'Fabian Society' in Australia for sentencing for their crimes of Treason.

    The True Christian: Neville Mladen
    [email protected]

  2. shorten, turnbull and the greens are the next establishment ARSEWIPES to fall

  3. Politicians are also entitled to a travel allowance for overnight stays, with varying rates for different positions and locations.For example, all politicians can claim $273 for an overnight stay in Canberra. Some politicians simply pay this amount to their spouses to stay in their own house.

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