Apple Store Banishes Breitbart App #PizzaGate #Corruption

Apple has removed the Breitbart News app from their iTunes marketplace as the fascistic censorship of free speech and truth journalism kicks into high gear.

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32 Thoughts to “Apple Store Banishes Breitbart App #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Breitbart app is still in Apple Store ….btw

  2. they only blocked it for like a day. A friend and I checked it and it's back up. So they went a little overboard with this report. Apple's still shit

  3. I'm surprised Alex isn't suing CNN for slander on that news real. That's outrageous. And no, I do not own, or purchase any "apple" products.

  4. Apple brought it back cuz they knew they don fucked up!

  5. But do you have the documents?

  6. Pay attention if it comes out again in the store. During the Hong Kong protests the chinese govt. infected the appstore to keep an eye on activists.
    If Breitbart app comes out again soon on the store, i would ask to do an appropriate security check to some independent security pro before label it safe. Last time one of my pcs ended up in the hand of just a normal but shady techinician, i run an antivirus on a live system on usb stick BEFORE actually starting thenmain OS and BOOM, SPYWARE. Shoot me now if you think NSA would not try to do some even dirtier trick.

  7. You mean this app?

    The app that is still in the app store? This story isn't even true! Not even a bad interpretation, it's just a pure lie!

  8. I hate everything APPLE. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  9. Breitbart is back on the US App store.

  10. You want a revolution? Because that's how you start a revolution….

  11. #1984APPLEHYPOCRITES!!!!!!!! Wasn't Apple the one BREAKING the 1984 Screen In THEIR commercial that year??!?!??!?!?!!?! Now look at them! HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  12. Thank you for this information. I responded by downloading the Breitbart, Drudge and Drudgely Apps to my android. That is what I think of their attempt at censorship.

  13. So great to see the decisions of our current media leaders leading to the explosive rise of the new media!!! #thankyouforyourstupidity

  14. I remember the only time I would see a apple product was in my school computer lab back in the 90s, and I remember saying to myself "what idiot got convinced to purchase all these"

  15. What a dumb ass please read something besides Fox News

  16. Drudge, Breibart and Infowars reliable? They're entreating….but not reliable that being said I'm not in favor of CNN or anything like that either everyone has there own agendas everyone leans towards one side that's just the way things are now

  17. Maggie, You are an absolute Dole!

  18. Lol your first mistake was spending your money on those overpriced pieces of shit called the iPhone

  19. Breitbart is the right-wing equivalent to Huffington Post.

  20. Apple bringing back their factories from China to USA again, but with the side effect of implenting their Chinese censorship that they learned over in China from there time there. #BoycottAppleProducts

  21. ONe more product I dont need.

  22. Time to boycott apple, before their phones and headsets kill us like they are trying to kill truth (and failing)

  23. Looks like Apple will soon have their funding cut with Bannon in Trumps Administration

  24. Would Steve Jobs allow this?

  25. Strange. I still see it.

  26. Let's not kid ourselves apple shits on android they might be shitty ppl but they make a nice phone 📱

  27. Another boneheaded move by Apple. Way to alienate every republican with a conscious. When Steve died, so did Apple's integrity, drive and innovation. Since his death, I've watched them turn their advertising from functionality to promotion of a brand. I laughed myself till my eyes watered watching them trick the naive by making them think Siri is a necessity for search. My balls pwn your algorithm. That's just one example.

    I'm not Microsoft fanboy either, and Twitter can suck a nut as well. Same goes for Facebook. Hate is great!

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