Anonymous – Wikileaks Update – Timeline of Events Julian Assange #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks

Anonymous – Wikileaks Update – Timeline of Events Julian Assange
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Wikileaks Update – Timeline of events – Julian Assange
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28 thoughts on “Anonymous – Wikileaks Update – Timeline of Events Julian Assange #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks

  1. Clintons for Electric Chair…!!!!!

  2. I'm a Slow learner. Been following this for months but this is so convoluted I'm lost in the weeds. only things that are understandable to me Are: Assange is missing,
    cat is still in Embassy?, wikileaks isn't leaking anymore,
    Hillary lost election,
    If vast pedophile ring is real they're all getting away with it.
    So many have info yet clear as mud to me. Driving me nuts! What was planned 2 years ago? somebody help I can't keep this straight.

  3. He is a hero. He better be alive you dumbass.

  4. Mainstream media is controlled by the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9 & 3:9)

  5. we don't believe unless there is proof of life

  6. I'm afraid nothing short of a full civil war can bring about the purging of this satanic filth from our gov't. They control too much.

  7. Question is, what should everyone being doing about this?

  8. Russia wasn't giving out Wikileaks Email's to Exposing Clinton liberal Democrats. It was National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) From America Exposing this Witch. It's even on Alex Jones Channel.
    We need to talk about Obama, Clinton and Tony and John Podesta, Joe Biden are into #spiritcooking #pizzagate and #pingpong So deal with Pedophilia Ring child molesting Sacrificing Innocent kids first then talk about all this!! Evil Satanic Scums!!

  9. the anonymous preview logo thing goes on TOO LONG. shorten it to like 4 seconds top's.

  10. i do not believe this propaganda bullshit,they want to damage his reputation.

  11. it may be worse than we think…..i heard a rumor that those "bosnian" wars of late were initiated to recruit the next generation of catamites for the "pederast elite"…..shalom…….

  12. I wont be watching anymore videos from L E A K E D!

  13. I like it Alot, debunk left and right to the core 😅 thank you ☺ 💚

  14. Where is the deleted tweet from the Clinton Campaign. I can't imagine they would actually tweet that Julian is dead.

  15. LIES LIES…this site is wrong, and spewing wrong propaganda!!!

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  17. I said John Kerry and Hilly Clinton had a hand in our dear Julian.. It's time for us to take the down!

  18. This is so fucked up! Even worse, our damn government keeps getting away with shit!

  19. He will be pardoned by Trump, I don't believe this video is accurate.


  21. stand in power people theearthplandotcom

  22. Is it so difficult to make a phone call to the Ecuadorian embassy in London and ask any official to confirm the presence of Julian Assange in the building? People in the embassy contact him every day including food provision. Did any journalist make a call for the last 1.5 months? Where he/she reported?

  23. I'm heartbroken 💔 Fuck Hillary Clinton and every single corrupted piece of shit in our government!

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