altNews: Flag Burning for Pizzagate – The One About Freedom of Speech | 11.30.2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption

Trump decided he doesn’t care what the Constitution says, so we are going to show what freedom of speech is really about. We’re also going to cover the questionable events from Ohio State and revisit Dylann Roof and the Charleston church shooting.

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21 Thoughts to “altNews: Flag Burning for Pizzagate – The One About Freedom of Speech | 11.30.2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. I thought this incident was over in about 5 minutes. Those phone calls to me seem strange

  2. Please look up the video going around on YouTube of FBI agent Ted Gunderson talking about child trafficking and human sacrifices!!

  3. Haha! Nice action with the burning flag. 😄👍

  4. The fire dept uses the full gear at every fire…because there's you know…..SMOKE

  5. Jones has been linked to STRATFOR….

  6. The marketing of the war to rally withering public opinion in the northern states was shifted to an abolitionist "cause" in 1863….two years into the Civil war.
    To illustrate the falsity of the historical impetus for the war being about slavery- in 1861, prior to full-scale secession, the northern coalition had actually introduced legislation "allowing" slavery to continue in The South if the states would remain in the union.

  7. Now, to foment further division, we will see a raft of MSM reports of flag burnings with people being arrested….not for the symbolic act, but for starting a fire in public without a permit for doing so….which will perpetuate The Rage.

  8. What is a flag? Cloth, Paper With ink on it or paint? …what's a t shirt? Cloth, paint, ink? People are most important then cloth….

  9. "Operating theater" indeed…perfect choice of words.

  10. Please tell us your views on julian assange proof of life.

  11. Obviously OSU Med Ctr does not have an x-ray machine to see if this liar had a broken leg. Maybe for their cooperation in this hoax the govt will give them one.

  12. Does this guy look like a Somali? I thought they were all very dark and thin. This guy looks like he is from Toledo or Idianapolis.

  13. Burning is action not speech !

  14. All of his cabinet so far has been establishment. He's not going to drain any swamps, ever.

  15. The 'flipped in the air' bit is clearly part of the script if he supposedly got clipped on the lower leg. He would fall down, maybe fall backward by being clipped. How could he get flipped in the air if the car was simply bouncing off the concrete? Means it would be at low speed… and what about the so-called crowd he plowed into? Sounds like he crashed and perhaps incidentally hit a few people. And how did he know the guy wielded a butcher knife? And he was he simply on his feet to go into the building in LESS than a minute if he had just been 'flipped' into the air and crashed to the ground at his age. That is a GIMME A BREAK. Perhaps it was strictly a drill, or a 'drill' with a drugged/mind-controlled patsy to crash his car and pop out with a knife in order to be shot. Where are the other 'victims', and more importantly, actual witnesses, not some guy who saw people running. BS

  16. I like that silicone bracelet! Send me one, please.

  17. What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground………… can you run when you know!

  18. Lol…laughed so hard at the flag! Awesome! Great show…great insight. Thumbs up

  19. Mohammed Ali lol. today they cleared chief Wiggins of wrongdoing in the Kieth Scott murder. its like a comedy. Wi Too Low. Ho Lee Fuk!

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