ALIEN CAUGHT ON TAPE IN FOREST #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

This video was taken in a Canadian forest and shows two men riding an ATV when they encounter a mysterious alien creature in the woods. The exact location of this alien sighting remains unknown, however there is no denying that this supposedly real alien caught on tape is quite creepy indeed!


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33 Thoughts to “ALIEN CAUGHT ON TAPE IN FOREST #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

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  2. 7:30, fucking fake, just a fucking man in a costume !!! LOL

  3. Why the man is behind the alein with a flash light
    Like when I was 10 I used to take flashlight and get behind lizards

  4. holy crap! it's a real gay alien! his name is hector!

  5. the man gets a flashlight to investigate a human in a suit! come on now you can totally tell it's fake!!!!

  6. I'm sorry, but you don't need exposure to show that is a guy in a black hoodie and a crappy plastic mask, with a blue UV light, shimming left to right. God, the extents people go to.

  7. Videos like this one are upsetting …  So stupid …

  8. These images look staged, with people wearing costumes and masks. It is easy to see that these are fake.

  9. The video with the man walking & the Alien looking into the house is real plus it's a female like the one in my dreams makes me wonder

  10. the dog would have gone nuts if there was something strange really there

  11. set a doll in the bush an we can all make a fake video

  12. فیلم دوم وسوم احمقانه درست شده بود.😆

  13. احمق فیلم درست کرده …خودتی😃👅

  14. lololol what a load of crap

  15. with eyeballs that big at the very least I would expect them to shield them from a flashlight.

  16. OK the alien in the forest with the blue flashlight LOL is toooo fake, yet the man doesn't even get scared, most of these vids I believe are fake anyway? With all our technology nowadays, anyone could make vids and photoshop. Perhaps a very few are real, i wonder which??

  17. FAKE! A simple prank with a manikin!

  18. I believe in extraterrestrials but these videos are clearly acted out.

  19. damn that alien pulled put his strap yawl saw the blue beam he finna bust on this mofo

  20. this looks so real. I have to say this IS real!

  21. You know videos like this are torture to watch.

    You know god damn well the first one is fake. That damn alien looks like it's frozen solid. I mean honestly, can the damn thing be more stiff and artificial?! The dog is barking at the damn ATV. Any friggen fool can see that! Fuck sakes. Out.

  22. 1:15 "Where are we"? "In the woods". Nooo Really?

    Ayyy lmao is gonna freeze his balls off standing out there in the snow naked like that!

  23. If I saw an alien, I would go up to it and say hello. But these people are scaredy cats.

  24. jajaja la wea llega a dar risa xD

  25. if seen a lot of this guy from Canada and same dog and diffint place in his home in his car in he's basement in the woof a hahah he's a jokester funny but they are real aliens but this is not one he made it all look good but it's just his friend dresinging like a alien to scare him hahha😂😂😂😂😂

  26. the alien looks like a naked chimp when we find that im going to tech him english

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