Alex Jones: Why I Love Donald Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption

Alex Jones reveals the reasons why he loves Donald Trump and why he thinks he will be a great president.

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36 Thoughts to “Alex Jones: Why I Love Donald Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Does Alex like trump I'm unclear on this

  2. Trump's a pathetic traitor

  3. Alex couldn't wait til Valentine's day

  4. If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.
    -Napoleon Bonaparte

  5. These info wars clowns swear they are so "anti establishment". So "anti globalist", yet they use google…

  6. I don't believe in anything except to survive any way possible lol with out hurting anyone

  7. I'm so pissed off with people that don't think for themselves

  8. Mr Trump please do something about radical muslims. The whole world who are silent are happy you are elected. Please bring order and we wish you all the best – South East Asia

  9. Alex, you are right as usual.  The lame stream media is having a major melt down.  Can't wait till Donald Trump is sworn in and becomes the new leader.  Can't wait till we get some common sense people added to the Supreme Court and some executive orders begin getting reversed.  The anticipation is wonderful.  America is well on the way to becoming great again.

  10. I'm all for trump but dude has to pick someone else other than Sarah Palin as the va director…she aint gonna cut and is only gonna look out for herself

  11. Does he love him because he appoints Goldman Sachs/ George Soros workers???

  12. How can you ignore his appointments, most recent Goldman Sachs guy as Treasury sec (this is the Obama Deception all over again -that movie and Obama's cabinet is what woke me up), his non follow through with Clinton arrest, Obamacare pull back, and he hasnt even been sworn in yet.
    What makes anyone believe that he will do anything different? I gave him a chance, albiet a small chance that he would make change. But lets face it, the cabinet appointments are probably the most important things he can do right now, and he's shown to be no different than any other politician.

    SHOW ME SOMETHING, then I might believe. Why hasn't Trump come onto infowars?

  13. Welcome to the realization that both Trump and Hillary were establishment hacks. One ran with her true colors while the other hide as a populist.

  14. now, we are all out in the closet

  15. How do you save face Alex? You've been trolled by Donald and so has all your minions. Why the hell did you steer to the right? Maybe the fame from YouTube unleashed your true colors? Should of just continued with Coast to Coast guest spots radicalizing about Lizard Men and Illuminati BS…your brand is dead.

  16. “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
    —John Adams remember that all you sellout nationalist !!!

  17. Does he know that Ron Paul HATES Donald Trump


    THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776

  19. Lets hope Trump doesnt ruin the romance

  20. You sir are chatting shit! WeAreChange for real UNBIASED news lol

  21. I bet Trump has never been at a Spirit Cooking party. Those crazy stupid delusional Democrats actually believe you can cast spells using that phony witch Mariana Abromovic. She is obviously a mentally ill sadist and the people who believe her crap are just as mentally ill. Just think those are the people that wanted to run our country. I know the Hollyweirdo's are nuts and believe all that witch bullshit but I didn't know the Democrats were into this insanity.
    Thank you Donald Trump for putting everything on the line to save us from these Democratic lunatics.

  22. I get wanting to rebel against a crooked political system, but electing a crooked businessman with more reality TV experience than political experience to fix it doesn't seem like a logical decision in my opinion.

  23. Look at the Infowars article at 2:30
    "Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal alliens,…"

    That was completely fabricated and tweeted by a Republican Party activist

    Infowars did a fake news article about this completely fabricated 'report' and Trump repeated their fake news story.

  24. Donald Trump brain is running with ALL cylinders !!! #2smarttofail

  25. I sucked alex's dick in 1998.

  26. Trump is the joker card used to slow prevent the revolution that is brewing . He talks a good game but soon we will see the continued status quo AKA business as usual . He talks about draining the swamp ,did he mean drain the swamp into his cabinet . Maybe one day people will realize that only a revolution will change this corrupt negligent Government .

  27. I think it comes back to what Trump said when a young man and asked if he would run for President. His reply was, " If I run I want to win, I only do things to win as that is the way I am." Not a looser or a second place man, so why be a second class President, be a winner, be proud of what you do.

  28. The reason Alex loves Donald trump because he is a complete conspiracy theorists looney and a asshole who thinks the zombie apocalypse is going to happen one day

  29. Alex loves trump because his tiny hands make his cock look big.

  30. Cus he is a zionist shill like yourself

  31. If Trump stays true to the American people and the views that he had on many things while campaigning which people elected him for then I believe America couldnt wish for more. HOWEVER, I must say THERE IS disappointment in Trump now with him jumping from Romney to Petraeus. Its a shame we cant have PUTIN for a worlds president, He is a MAN of HIS word unlike Trump went from saying Clintons were criminals and then changed his mind and said Clintons were good people. Will the changes in his attitude towards things actually Make America Great Again? I dont even know now., though I did really like Trump before he began chaging his tune on the Clintons and interviewing snakes for high positions.


  33. You love him because you haven't caught him in bed with a goblin.

  34. Because you have a crush on him !

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