Alex Jones Reveals The Real Donald Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption

Alex Jones gives the viewers a look into the mind of Donald Trump, and what he’s like off camera and just how incredibly intelligent he is.

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27 Thoughts to “Alex Jones Reveals The Real Donald Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. A rat can smell shit from a hundred miles!

  2. 29

    alex is a sellout , he and his team know it in their heart

  3. Thanks for the short, concise video. Keep up the good work!

  4. So does Alex like Trump?

  5. Says in the papers in the UK today that he is leaving his business empire by 15th this month to his family so he can focus on being the new president.. It's a weird world we live in that's obvious I suppose time will tell if he "makes America great again"

  6. He truly is the God Emporer.

  7. You just said a whole lot of nothing…

  8. So trump is like the bizarro version of superman! Jajajaja

  9. he's either just a badass or your a dumbass lol, maybe both, I don't know lol.

  10. My thoughts exactly. Trump is preternatural. Sleeps only 3 hours per night with that sustained energy level?!? Crushes seasoned senior politicos and makes them look like idiots by calling them names elementary school children use on playgrounds. Wins unwinnable election. Slaps the monster media like it's a puppy that just peed on the floor. Every attack on him somehow winds up hurting the attacker. Salts his resume with just enough failure to make him look human. He's a goyem who waltzes into NYC and creates a real estate empire right under the noses of the powerful Jews who own that city lock, stock and barrel. His wife comes from a Transylvania-like village in eastern Europe that has the distinction of having more unmarked graves than anywhere else in the world.
    Her father refused to be baptized.
    His children are masterminds with the exception of Tiffany, who may not carry the genes. Think Damien Thorn. Then think of the name Trump and the definition of that word and what name the antichrist might use. Trump's need for rally's packed with adoring fans. And adoring they most certainly are. And all he's done is said some things. Now think of those rallies again and in only a matter of a handful of months, Trump has gained millions of fanatical supporters as if he's a rock star of the highest order. As if they've come out of thin air, lined up for miles to hear him repeat the same hokey lines they've heard on YouTube a half dozen times. He's even embarked on a thank you tour! And finally, even you, the most hardened cynical skeptic on the planet…….are taken in like a gullible little child who wants to……..believe. And believe you do.

  11. My English class just made us read this "fighting words" by Rudy Ruiz Tuesday November 29 2016 , its about immigration. I looked up the name and come to find out rudy Ruiz "is also a regular special contributor to CNN" ( Wikipedia) I asked why all of a sudden was this assigned? (In thought) What do you think?

  12. Alex is backstage right now suckin Donald's D son, i swear.

  13. i can't believe how many of you this asshole has brainwashed fucking herman gouring on steroids


    /Users/debragonzalez/Desktop/02 Awaken Mixed.m4a

  15. Alex is a savage and he knows it cut out all that fake humbleness

  16. I think Trump is a mixed of Dirty Harry & Einstein!

  17. What does that guy shave with, anyway?

  18. your a weird o. why would you change your character from years before. theres a lot of people like me who think so. you and trump are in the same pool if you know what i mean. could you explain if you truely love GOD or not?

  19. If he's that good, will he spill the beans on 9/11 then? I think not!

  20. Man people are so fucking gulible .

  21. My sentiments exactly

  22. Infowars is now a joke

  23. It's reported that he has a IQ score of 156. One fact though is that everyone under estimates him and he does take advantage of that.

  24. trump is the best thing since sliced bread,i mean Jesus,whoops i meant jfk 💪💪💪💯💯💯

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