Al Franken On James Comey Firing Senate Floor 5/10/17 #LatestNews

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Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for urging President Donald Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, calling his participation a violation of his promise to recuse himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.
“I am also deeply troubled by the fact that [Sessions], who pledged to recuse himself from the Russia investigation because of his own Russia connections, involved himself in Director Comey’s firing,” Franken said in a statement. “This is a complete betrayal of his commitment to the public that he wouldn’t be involved in the investigation.”
Sessions — who apparently recommended Comey’s termination in a letter to Trump — said in March that he would recuse himself from investigations into Trump’s Russia ties after it was revealed he’d twice met with a Russian ambassador before Trump took office and denied the meetings during his attorney general confirmation hearing.

That means he vowed not to have any role in the investigations. For Franken and others, that suggests he should have been precluded from participating in firing Comey, who had reportedly requested a “significant increase” in resources for the bureau’s investigation into the election interference days before he was sacked.



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40 Thoughts to “Al Franken On James Comey Firing Senate Floor 5/10/17 #LatestNews”

  1. Senator Franken you are the biggest Liar there is, Do you know that all you Senators should be put in Jail for Lying too the people, we aren't stupid,but you are really stupid!

  2. No Al Franken the people care about jobs a safe country more money in their pocket not about the Democrats pissing match with the president and that's why he one

  3. Let's talk about Hillary, Podesta ,huma excepting money from the Russians and Muslim countries for her campaign against Trump which is highly illegal- hey Al Franken what about those questions that need answering

  4. These Democrats all act like the president has to do whatever it is they want like he's the commander in chief

  5. For one we all know that the director of the FBI is not performing in the investigation himself as there are people are they just report back to him wake up people

  6. Sessions is a Dim Wit! (and a bad person)

  7. Don't worry Nothing will come out. Wasting tax payers $.

  8. If this egomaniac has something on President Trump, let him come forward with it and proceed against the President. Anything else is talk and only talk. Who with a pulse believes that firing anyone would stop the evidence aginst Trump from being exposed to the people? That is, IF such evidence exists. Talk of evidence is not evidence. Until someone, anyone, can state evidence connecting Trump with a Russian plan to change our election, its all simply BS. Franken, you and I were face-to-face many years ago. I saw a self-important man on a strange trip. That night, your Mick Jagger impersonation bombed really badly and you were grasping to save face. You were pissed and willing to blame anyone except yourself for the grand failure on stage. You are failing in a similar manner right now. Look in the mirror, Al. You are a "legend in your own mind." Go back to bit parts is movies. You are laughable.

  9. Al "is an idiot" Frankfullofbull

  10. Al "is an idiot" Frankfullofbull

  11. Al "is an idiot" Frankfullofbull

  12. Maybe one day they'll show us the evidence. Maybe they'll also find bigfoot.

  13. Lolol what a tool

    democrats need to get some real policies or they'll be wiped out… other than 'russia' what have they proposed for anything??


  15. There is no investigation going on about the Russians and Trump, there never was and never will be. The Democrats are so delusional they are starting to believe this nonsense. Besides what exactly did the Russians do to sway the election. Facts need to be truthful and documented to be of any value. Franken is a corporate shill like all the other jerks in Congress.



  18. Is the investigation "Ongoing" Franken? LOL What an idiot. We know Russia affected our election we know it and we call it "Facts" but we just dont know what any of the facts are nor specifically just how Russia pulled this off but we just know they did. And it is all still under an ongoing investigation after four months of coming up with nothing that can be communicated as evidence. HOW F OUTRAGEOUS CAN THESE DEMS BE? They are setting up some hopeful goofy long-term attempt to deceive the public about Trump as being guilty of something big enough to impeach him. Actually they are all trying to appease the international foreign banksters. Shut up Franken and go sit the f down before someone knocks your ass down.

  19. You wouldn't know what the people want that's why ur not the president jealous of trump he has everything power money family pretty young wife all you men are sooooo jealous

  20. Omg this guys a complulsive liar no one cares go fuckin home

  21. Trump trump go trump we love trump trump is great trump is America trump is the best and you are old and dumb

  22. Shut up old fart none believes you

  23. This guy is a complete and total waste of space

  24. This is Franken writing a new script for Saturday Night Live, yes? And here I thought he quit SNL years ago.

  25. Comey went to Trump 3 times and told him there was no FBI investigation into any collusion with the Russians. So, as always, your "suspicion" is bogus. Hopefully the new FBI head will investigate how you tampered with the election results to get yourself into the Senate.

  26. Democracy demands that our elections be free of interference from foreign powers, and the DNC.

  27. It's so entertaining to see this complete 100% MORON stand up there and tell us all these 'facts'. So if he KNOWS for SURE, why did he leave out EVERY SINGLE PIECE IF EVIDENCE for all of these claims? This guys is a close second to the dementia queen pelosi. Completely insane to repeat and repeat and repeat a lie like it's going to come true or something. What a joke.

  28. No evidence of trump/ russia but they are still with this narrative.. These Democrats are fucking morons..

  29. Love what Al Franken is doing for our Country. We need checks and balances. Without being able to question the government and its leaders, we are not really free. He is a great citizen of this country. Thank you Senator Franken!

  30. Trump put this behind him 22 hours ago, he doesn't give a rip what these guys think or say. Watching him play these people is so entertaining, he is a master.

  31. Trump didn't even have the balls to CALL Comey and tell him he was fired…He sent a lackey with a letter….Trump is a SPINELESS COWARD and a TRAITOR!

  32. Another hypocritical and vile kike is kikeing.

  33. Damn you trumpsters are cancer, read a fucking book, learn how to think for yourselves, its pathetic to seen grown adults spew illegitimate facts out like children and honestly believe they're the truth. There's a reason we've been declared a flawed democracy by the eyes of the world, and what I don't get, is why you push this Russian agenda aside, I will gladly let you snowflakes play your cards with Russia, meanwhile I'll stand by France and our other allies. For you that don't believe Trump has been doing anything wrong, you're all treasonous traitors in my eyes, as well as the popular majority of the country.

  34. Poor butt hurt Al, I know it hurts bro, but you got to let it go.

  35. Al Franken is a goof. typical crybaby Demoncrat.

  36. ive been a lifelong Democrat until demexit! all i want know is how could Al Frankin be ok with Hillary Clinton being " above the law"? in my opinion Comey should have been fired a LONG time ago!!!!!

  37. Wow! I'm impressed with Senator Franken! Score!

  38. Laughing my behind off! First Democrats want him fired…..after he is…..they are losing their minds. What is it that the Democrats have to hide? Now we will be able to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Al FrankenStein
    What a Loser !

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