Ahsoka Instructs The Cadets On Corruption [1080p] #pizzagate2

Season 3 Episode 6 “The Academy”



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31 thoughts on “Ahsoka Instructs The Cadets On Corruption [1080p] #pizzagate2

  1. I love Ahsoka but it's hard to take politics lessons seriously from someone in a tube top. LOL "But Master, I'm fighting evil." "Not in THAT you're not."

  2. I remember this seen, the amount of politics in this seen killed my boner and some how made her less hot. (plus 1 sin)

    Also looking back on this show now that I'm older that's jail bait. (plus 1 sin)

  3. here is what l was thinking when ashoka started talking: palpatine palpatine palpatine palpatine palpatine palpatine palpatine……..

  4. To me governments are the definition of corruption…

  5. 2:273:33. hmmmm what would actually smart characters say about it?
    Palpatine: gheeheehehhehehehehe, that's funny.
    Frank Underwood (speaking with 4th wall): that child play makes me… sad.

  6. Almost every line in Clone Wars takes me back to Leias classig line about Tarkins "filthy stench".

  7. ahsoka's message is very important and realistic. damn.

  8. Tell us more about this ka-roo-jen. It sounds… interesting.

  9. Fuck you Rebels, morals like these only come from Clone Wars XD

  10. Well. At least know one thing, if you know what corruption is now. You'll probably think of the Republican party.

  11. death watch did nothing wrong.

  12. Someone should trial her for this.

  13. It's always bothered me on how in the first few seasons on The Clone Wars, Ahsoka is 14-17 and is naked.

  14. So much aurebesh in the background I love it! Lower left corner on the wall behind Ahsoka at 2:30 says, "This graph represents corruption related crime within Mandalore." There is so much more to translate behind her lol it would take me a while but it all comes out to direct English translation 👌

  15. how Do you uplouding that? that i meening how get you the Episode( i am german)

  16. Corkie? Anus? Humus? They are running out of names.

  17. Hey Voca, I know we all love these clips. Heck, I love the fact that there are so many! But I gotta ask, how far are you going to take this? You are gonna run out eventually, and then what? I'm sorry but I worry you've gone too far.

    (I am still keeping my subscription to you and watching these clips daily… but I do worry that you are getting too deep.)

  18. I wonder if anakin used Ashoka's light saber in battle

  19. This is the equivalent of a freshman teaching a class in high school but they forgot their shirt.

  20. I wonder what happened to the cadets after the planet fell during the empire hope they should up in Rebels

  21. Kinda weird. Isn't she 14-15 while the cadets seem to be upper teens? Like a freshman teaching a class of seniors.

  22. I keep forgetting how Ahsoka is naked the first 2 seasons

  23. @2:25 (Insert U.S. 2016 Election Reference Here) lol jk jk
    Please everyone, let's not make this crazy political. everyone is entitled to personal opinions

  24. schools are better in a galaxy jar, uh I mean far, far away

  25. I want to see what Skywalker and Fisto were up to.

  26. This is actually really educational. I mean I honestly didn't know what corruption was before this episode

  27. They should teach this in school lol.

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