Active Police Investigation Into Pizzagate

Active Police Investigation Into Pizzagate

Here’s more proof that Law Enforcement have been noticed and are investigating-

Please share. Mirror Copy it is all OK..



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8 Thoughts to “Active Police Investigation Into Pizzagate”

  1. I'm not going to give up in my own personal investigation .

  2. We have to hold them accountable for their actions or in actions. Here's there Facebook page-
    Here is the page on how to contact them via E-Mail, phone, etc.-
    We need to at least E-Mail them and let them know that they can't just sweep this under a rug,

  3. @rick james you seem like a bully troll./shill..a.paid get in to "ytubers face.". Go find your own info..andzresearch

  4. Yeah right.  The DC Police are complicit.

  5. You're an idiot. Police are actually sitting outside the shop to protect the employees and patrons. Try to go investigate the supposed tunnels-get arrested. Ps. Couldn't find any Sgt. Hong w/DCPD. Hope you're right anyway.

  6. may or may not be true. Where is the source of your information?

  7. If this comes out 'all clear', and 'no charges', then I hope America gets nuked….

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