A Nuanced Approach To #Pizzagate Is Important In The Face Of MSM & Daily Show Coverage #PizzaGate #Corruption

The main stream media is attempting to frame any serious discussion of Pizzagate as mock able conspiracy talk. I cover what a real, reasoned, dissenting opinion looks like.



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20 Thoughts to “A Nuanced Approach To #Pizzagate Is Important In The Face Of MSM & Daily Show Coverage #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. "But the guy has creepy Instagram pics"

    And..? I'm sure a LOT of non-pedo and non-perverted folks have weird or creepy Instagrams! Does that necessarily mean they're "automatically predators who traffic children for sex"? Then again, a lot of them are probably just taken out of context BY Pizzagate theorists, like the "chicken lovers" one.

    Maybe Jimmy knows that the kid and the guy, who is probably her father, LOVE CHICKEN?? A lot of people eat and love chicken! "No, it must be a reference to him being a pedo!" Btw, 'chicken lover' is, first and foremost, ADULT GAY SLANG, not pedophiles'. Chicken, in this context, refers to a pubescent or older-teen male who an adult male is into or wants to fuck (or does fuck). Not a fucking TODDLER GIRL

    lol. Do you REALLY THINK James would be stupid-enough to post "pedophilic" shit on his public (or formerly-public) Instagram if it were "so easy to expose" or "meant that he's a pedo", realistically? No one who KNOWS James or visited his Instagram prior to all this Pizzagate shit "Thought he's a pedo due to his Instagram shit", but… you guys somehow "know for sure" he is? yeah, right…

    A lot of the Pizzagate "revelations" are mere confirmation bias, let's be totally honest. Folks are just seeing what they want to see. If this were "so obvious", wouldn't MOST FOLKS be able to "see the connections"? At what point does "pointing out" these "coincidences" become less you guys "being experts at finding the truth" and simply more you being delusional?

  2. Or absurd claims that Marina Abramovic is somehow "Satanist" or "Luciferian" or all that other garbage

  3. A lot of conspiracy nutjobs find "several disturbing coincidences", as they might refer to them, and try to "piece them together." Your point??

    How is this any diff., on the whole? Besides, a lot of the 'coincidences' are based on mere misinformation, like the absurd claim that Petersen had "discovered human-trafficking links to the Clinton Foundation in Haiti." Funny how no well-respected alternative-media outlet, let alone mainstream media had "discovered" that before the nutjobs started claiming it was "totally-exposed and well-known by Petersen." lol

    Not even the prominent right-wingers who had complained nonstop about "crooked Hillary" during the election SAID A DAMN WORD, as far as I know, about "Petersen's discovered connections."

  4. 2 Questions…….How is this Alefantis guy in the GQ list of most influential people in Washington when he supposedly only runs a pizza shop,and where were the Podesta brothers on the date Madeline Mcann went missing,and why have all his e-mails been deleted around those dates?once thats explained,easy to do or should be,we can say its false.

  5. LOL this is like your second attempt at saying Occums razor, cute.

    Congrats on your increase in subscribes BTW!!

  6. Owner of Comet Pizza: James Alefante is an acronym for "Love of Children" in French – "j'aime al enfante". Is that just another one of the many "coincidences"?

  7. Always so quick to apply the conspiracy theory label – second sentence in, in both this and the Washington Post article, for example – which, and this is a well documented fact, was invented by the CIA (seeing eye all/pyramid) in the 1960's for the express purpose of discrediting those who would question official narratives. If you know that, then you know that when you see them start to bust out the old tin foil meme, especially when it is obviously false, as in this case, that you are on to something, and are on the right track.

  8. The guy who used to moderate a pron site should NEVER be taken seriously. His comment on the artwork shows hes either totally desensitized to horror concerning perversion or his moral compass is so corupt he cant tell the difference between horror and bad art. That guy is suspect. He chose to work in porn , thats a problem in itself as far as an opinion goes.
    This guy Adams is walking a thin line in that blog post, hinting at it being real but saying 20-1 its not, and claiming confirmation bias has infected the millions of people who think this is real and believe based on all we have seen and new evidence coming out shows a very guarded opinion on it. He also claimed a while back the Clinton people were after him. I wouldnt put too much stake in what this guy says, even if he writes intelligently. Id label that blog post as very slick gaslighting. Especially from a guy that has a picture of his dog humping his arm on his Tumblr….with a very odd expression on his face.

  9. "Mountain of evidence value = zero."
    Stopped reading there. Into the trash it goes.

  10. The media set the bar at ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER why people are concerned with Pizzagate. All you have to do is prove that there is ANY KIND OF REASON AT ALL for suspicion.

  11. If Trump goes after the people behind pizzagate, and I don't mean James Alefantis, I am talking about way up the food chain, then he will be going after the same people that Hitler did, and I don't mean Jews, I mean globalist bankers, and that will make him LITERALLY HITLER!!!! But, sadly, as much as I like Trump, I do not believe there is any reason to hold my breath on this.

  12. You're cool man, like the eye of the hurricane. Keep up the good work.

  13. Mulder: There's an interesting work of fiction on
    page 24. Mysteriously, our names have been omitted. They're burying
    this thing, Scully. They're just going to dig a new hole and cover it

  14. pizza place named Dojo pizza was just busted, for making child porn and had several girls under ground the pizza shop

  15. Regardless of it is true or not, it is being used to distract the public from far more important events. You are doing endless videos on this & just adding to the noise. Let professionals sort it out; the HC people are being driven out of power due to Trump & if there is something to this I'm sure something tangible will surface, like subpoenas, etc. that are directly related to RICO type conspiracies, etc.

  16. this is another great video.

  17. when children are involved you have no choice to look hard into it.. end of story.

  18. I call them coincidence theorists .

  19. unless you look you won't find evidence .

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