A Call For An Uprising threatens copyright strike because of #pizzagate debate video #PizzaGate #Corruption

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A Call For An Uprising, a YouTube Channel, is a shill information source, that no one should be listening to. In this video I further expose the pathetic coward that sits behind this channel name. If you want to listen to this coward fail at explaining what is relevant about PizzaGate, listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rye0MhRDPE

A Call for an Uprising is a minion of Satan, not a follower of Christ. Only the blind cannot see this very obvious fact.



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36 Thoughts to “A Call For An Uprising threatens copyright strike because of #pizzagate debate video #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Hey Zach, I'm new to your channel, but I really appreciate what you are doing. I can tell your are being honest, and it's so hard these days to know who is telling the truth. I want to invite you to check out Karen Hudes' channel and research the work she is doing for the Global Currency Reset. A lot of people have been trying to discredit her, but I have been following her for nearly four years and I know for a fact she is genuine. Peace and love, brother -Nick B.

  2. Jeff C posted a video on CFAU – and more than HALF of the comments have been shadow banned or deleted.

    He's PATHETIC. All he does is make fun of people and call it "exposed". Karma is going to bite him in the ass. He's like a 13 yr old angry loser. He acts like a spoiled child.

  3. congrats on getting rid of a call for an uprising. Great work Zach. one less 'tard preaching

  4. Funny how you agree the world is DEMONIC but don't believe in GOD. Just because he is a Christian doesn't mean he is going to always act perfect. You know this already and you are just trying to lead people away from God. FUNNY ACFAU always used to say the same thing abilities his subs getting unsubscribed. He has had many copyrights himself too. Zach is acting all righteous, noticed how he keeps saying "i do this all for free, no money" geez ok we get it. Victim but you say this so people can "like" you and sub to you..sadly its at the expense of drama with other people . All so sad all this. Too much arguing.

  5. Have you ever watched any of ACFAU others videos???? Please he is no alex jones. Stop acting all righteous please ….

  6. your growing zac push Gemetria down into the noodle minds

  7. All Truthers are calling you out Demon…you shill…you're a NWO plant bitch!…Faith in Yahweh strngthens us….to do eventual battle with you and your kind.

  8. you Luciferian Piece of shit!!

  9. Christianity is a common religion practiced in the west and most of the info and ideas that come from the west are garbage. So what does that tell you?

  10. Hey Zachary… can u do a video on him leaving YouTube and creating a patreon account? This nigga really said his sister was ritually sacrificed 😂😂😂 what are the odds lmao

  11. In his latest video A call For An Uprising said his sister was killed in a ritual sacrifice !!!!! This guy is so full of shit it's offensive !!! .. he went on to say he's quitting.. but we all know that's not true because his last dozen videos have paid him well here on youtube with his pizzagate videos…. what a clown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and a LIAR !!!!! = Fake Christian.

  12. The uprising guy sounds like a real SCHMUCK. Zachary 's work is the best .

  13. a call for uprising says he is quiting YouTube …what a sore loser

  14. For what it's worth, REALLY great channels are plugging your channel 🙂
    Fuck the shills, you have amazing followers. Keep it up and be safe :)

  15. check out this video exposing the censorship that is coming


  16. It seems that they are trying to eval your mind and emotions. Just don't give them any airtime, thoughts, etc. They are just a distraction. (neighbor, propaganda, etc. =0

  17. A call for an uprising says he's quitting YouTube now! He said it has nothing to do with your live chat lol. You did a number on him! Keep up the good work exposing the sickos and liars!

  18. Zach, you definitely won that debate and totally outclassed those guys. You behaved in a much more Christian manner than they did. I just read 2 incredibly complimentary and supportive comments on your first video about channels you are grateful for by someone named moneypenni1. I know you are busy, but it would be really cool if you could go over to that video and acknowledge his/her support. I don't know the person but the comments were so nice I felt compelled to try to make sure you read them.

  19. Regarding ACFAU, who I would not know much about if not for this video. The 5 word name sounds familiar so no doubt have scene or herd sum cows talk about hymn be fore. Seems to be that ORGANIZED RELIGION & CORPORATE GOVERNANCE are the 2 PILLARS of F-REAM-ASS-ONRY.

    "Jesus" is a character from a book. Stories, spoken, can be great lessons on how one should behave or on what to do if presented with a similar situation in your "own" life! Yes, you "own" your life! That is why a DEAD WORLD was created buy men just a little bit smarter than the average TURD-BRAIN.

    To follow the teachings of the character Jesus, one must reject CAESARS MONEY, POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS, GOVERNMENT, RELIGIONS, WRITTEN WORDS, etc. Furthermore, one must fight against these things using intelligence and sometimes a temper tantrum.

    I could not begin to guess who invented the character "Jesus" though if one were to think about it fore more than 2 seconds, it might come as a realization that NO BOOK lists "Jesus" as the AUTHOR and "Jesus" spoke in parables or allegory. It might also occur to some that there are no "quotation Marks" in THE BIBLE. The reason is that what was written, was not written by someone as a "direct quote". To write words and attribute them to any living individual by means of "quotation Marks", creates a LEGAL LIABILITY and could lead to charges of SLANDER.

    Now, in the DEAD WORLD SEWER SYSTEM of CORPSE-ORATION, THE DEAD have the power over the living & those who take a JOB within the CORPORATION, will have their "name "John L. Doe" converted to JOHN L DOE, making the man LEGALLY DEAD, because the CORPORATION (CORPSE ORATION) i.e. (TALKING DEAD) or as on the hit TV Show "WALKING DEAD" can only doo business with THE DEAD, because THE CORPORATION is a DEAD ENTITY, does not exist in reality, but exists only in "The Mind" and is the HOLY SPIRIT, witches The Spear that puts HOLES in yore mined for the purpose of extracting the ore, witches the essence of who & what you are and Jesus was said to be part of The Essenes (Scents).

    In our natural state, we recognize each other by our senses such as sight, sound, smell & touch. We also have the ability to use what is commonly called "6th sense" to retrieve information. It used to be said that women had "Intuition" which was a direct result of the "long hair" that women used to have before THE CORPORATION convinced the M-asses of women to cut their hair and drown their hair in toxic chemicals.

    Long before that, the majority of men were convinced that they should "cut their hair and keep it short" which has the very real effect of "Dis-connecting" the man from his "6th sense" and this allows THE CORPORATION to insert "NONSENSE" in where "scents" once ruled the life of the man.

    BTW, Jesus and his disciples are always depicted with "long hair" and all of the greatest painters, artists & musicians through the ages, seem to have "long hair".

    It is also worth noting that very few people ever walk bare foot on the ground, i.e. "to be grounded", witch allows the bad energy to simply wash away into the ground. Without a ground, the body becomes super-charged with bad energy and leads to ill health & bad moods.

    Grounding also aids in the flushing of toxins, witch exit the body out the bottom of the feet. When one tales a shower, the body is grounded through the plumbing pipes, witches good, though that ground is directly connected to all the shit & toxins in the sewer or septic systems so might not be the preferred method of getting grounded.

    Now for those who feel that knowing "Jesus" is about shitting in the stinKing Pew on SUNDAY mourning, listening to sum homosexual Judas Priest in a Rob(e) HAL-Ford tell you what to think, consider that there is no such thing as SUNDAY butt the word/turd contains this phrase (Y D ANUS) witches the Source of ALL THE MONEY because THE MONEY is THE MOON EYE butt before THE MOON EYE Cain be exposed, one must drop the drawers and Ben Dover fore The M-ass-tur-Daddy cuzzin it's a "tour of doo-tea" or "turdootea" butt surely it's all coincidence RITE?

  20. Call has left the building…


  21. im' the truthest truther

  22. "your hole story is exposed threw your shill tactic"

    lmfao that ACFAU seems like a real smart dude

  23. People (including innocent children) are being raped, tortured and killed at the Cloning Centers. The Illuminati are torturing Donald Marshall sporadically at the Cloning Centers too. Don needs as many people as possible to help him inform the world about the Illuminati's secrets: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Human Hosts Of Vril (Drones), The Soulstone Microchip and Chipheads. Please help rescue those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of endless torture and death by sharing Donald Marshall's information and videos. The sooner this all becomes known worldwide, the sooner everyone will know the truth and those that are trapped will be freed.

  24. ACFAU if you're reading this, you know you've been exposed. Take it like a man, and admit you acted the wrong way towards Zach. Another thing I'd like to add, is the fact you posted a fake interview with James Alafantis on your channel is furthering the NWO agenda. The fact there is this huge "fake news" agenda being pushed by the government to censor us should have been a clue to you NOT to create a fake interview between you and alefantis using a computer generation of his voice pieced together. Now, I DO believe James Alefantis and all of his buddies in Washington are pedophile scumbags, but you're missing the point on what zach is exposing. There is an agenda behind exposing all of this at the same time the "fake news" agenda is being pushed. If there's a false flag attack on comet pizza or anyone involved, it will certainly be used to censor the truth community and eventually imprison us for exposing the govt. ACFAU is not only ignoring that fact, he is helping the govt take us down with the "fake news" blitz by posting a FAKE interview with alefantis on YouTube. Zach was the bigger person here, and ACFAU you should be a man and admit this.

  25. He actually said his sister was ritually sacrificed in his goodbye video and people bought it! Lunacy. Course it was not because of you, but that his quitting was a long time coming. A Channel roughly 8/10 months old, 'long time coming'… what a joke! Think everyone can figure this lad out … Ohh & in the description box, is just the link to his Patreon page … one final payday hurrahhh. Sickening! Fair balls man … Maith an fear! :)

  26. I remember him saying he doesn't want you to curse, yet he said "dick move" within like 2 minutes of him talking to you.

  27. What's weird is this video is 22:30 and Call for an uprisings video where he says he's leaving YouTube is 22:30. But he's leaving I guess

  28. Call for an Uprising is leaving YouTube!? The hell happened??

  29. WEBBOT REPORT for December " UKPop data sets are indicating that the 'shite (is) hitting the fan' over 'pedophiles in power'. As a large portion of 'british governance' is based around 'pedophilia associations' the impact of the various spin off investigations from #pizzagate is indicated to be very impacting of 'british ruling elites'."

  30. Update:12/2/16 AFAU is leaving youtube now. Hmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with that show he did

  31. WOW!!! I dipped out from YouTube months back and my life improved for the better. Chasing conspiracies and "truth" I've found to be yet another program/distraction that keeps people from the real solution; which is knowledge of self, with this one can NEVER be ruled or fooled… in any event Zach, I don't know you but I like you… you seem genuine. I hope you do not spend another second of your precious time dealing with retards like these, they expose themselves for what they are and their followers deserve to be deceived. I wish you and your projects the best of fortunes!

  32. He (CFU) is leaving now. Lol, 100 % shill he is. https://youtu.be/A9hhFjhXVWc

  33. Hi Zac, I've been following ACFAU for a while now and I want to see from your side as well, I dont know much about you and new to your channel so please clarify a couple things for me. Im a devoted christian so are you saying christianity is evil and cointel? do you support hillary? whats your viewpoint on the NWO and satanism?
    Thank you.

  34. CFU and Jeff C are controlled opposition.

  35. Other "threats to the systems" on youtube.  Larken Rose, Marc Stevens, Free your mind conference, corbett report, truth steam media, Mark Passio.

  36. Richie From Boston and Truth Media Revolution both supporting Zac. Should count for something, as they both are respected truth seakers. Someone mentioned Russianvids also saying PizzaGate is a hoax and Russianvids rocks! Or they must be shills too then!?
    And do not forget, Zac and Richie SHOW THEIR FACES. Nuff said

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