73% Of Republicans Think Trump’s Corruption Might Be A ‘Good Thing’ #pizzagate2

A Morning Consult/POLITICO survey conducted Dec. 8-11 found that 81 percent of voters say it is likely Trump will take actions to benefit his businesses when he becomes president next month. And while there is much agreement there, voters were split along partisan lines on whether it was good or bad for his business interests to affect his decision-making as president: 39 percent of voters said it was mainly a good thing, including 73 percent of Republicans, and 44 percent said it was mainly a bad thing, including 73 percent of Democrats…

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22 Thoughts to “73% Of Republicans Think Trump’s Corruption Might Be A ‘Good Thing’ #pizzagate2”

  1. What the fuck do you expect from a country where over 60% of the citizens think that in the near future they will be flying up in the sky with Jesus?

  2. Bernie should run as a Republican.. He would get all votes.

  3. America…. bye bye. With that many numb nuts there is now way but downwards. I wonder where the elite will get their money in 20-30 years when there is no jobs left and no smart people left to do what's needed. America can't compete in manufacturing. It's gotta be in tech, science and future ideas. When half the country doesn't believe in science and loves corruption, that future seems kinda far away…… I've said it before. It's the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah. All hail the mighty dollar and intelligence be gone……

  4. To all those mentally-ill, short-sighted lunatics who voted for the con, Mad Donald, like attracts like. This is what all those deplorables have done to this country. Con artists, liars, thieves, untreated mentally-ill people by choosing, untreated bipolar narcissistic sociopath disordered people, misogynists, hate-mongers, racists, sadistic low-life, delusional lunatics have now become the New Elites in this country. Everybody who got hurt and died for this country, I feel so sorry for them.

  5. Rethuglicans are stupid.

  6. So Clinton was wrong.. It's not 50% are deplorables, it's 73%. Hmm. Now we know lol.

  7. 73% of Republicans will not only bend over for this bloated charlatan; they'll lube their own assholes.

  8. Kyle, why are you still surprised at republican hypocrisy? They think that they, themselves, are inherently better than everyone else, and that everything they do is without fault. It's a myopia at the most fundamental level.

  9. Messiah complex. Trump edition. Thank you for smoking! Good movie BTW.

  10. Lack of "principle"! That was always my main concern about Trump & his minions.
    They have all these expectations & "standards" for judging everybody else!
    But when it comes to Mr. "God Shithead Emperor" Trump, none of those "standards" apply to him!!!!

  11. Of course they do. They're Republicans. Their goal is to take as much money from the taxpayers as possible. That's all they've done since Reagan.

  12. tomorrow it will all be over for liberals for two years. The GOP will have more power in their control since 1857. Not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing but this galavanized division in this nation void of any compromise is what is causing these massive swings . perhaps in the future we can all respect each other a little more in the sandbox.

  13. People trust their candidate to not be corrupt. They don't care for the real signs that Trump is in fact incredibly corrupt, different to Clinton wo is mildly corrupt.

  14. why is it that all urban slums in all 50 states are run exclusively by democrats? LOL "Ye shall know a tree by its fruits." Results over rhetoric!

  15. with all this combined "education" and self proclaimed enlightenment the left has you would think they could solve all the worlds ills……2008-2016…what happened? LOL

  16. and also do something about how big companies and the very wealthy are able to donate large sums of money to political campaigns and to political parties which may not put the people who receiving that money into the same position as owning the company but if they want to keep getting that money they're going to have to do something to make it worth while for the people donating it which makes them more accountable to the wealthy donors than to the general public that they're supposed to serve

  17. Trumptards willing to have Trump burn down their house. When the deficit triples and unemployment is 25% we'll see if they still love ConManDon

  18. the only way it can be a good thing is if Donald Trump is super corrupt and it's well-known to the point where they actually start doing things about corrupt politicians and it makes all the other ones straighten up or get out but there's been many crooked politicians even presidents throughout the years and nobody's changed anything yet

  19. 73% of republicans are completely stupid and we should take their right to vote-> problem solved.

  20. the 2,000 ppl survey mean nothing and u twist it all .

  21. Kyle needs a friend with fashion sense. That or he needs to get laid. He needs something to get his "lemme look sexy" groove goin'.

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