5 Things We Know about Ideological Subversion #NWO #MKUltra #Vault7 #ItsTime

What is ideological subversion, and what does it mean? Are we now in the midst of an advanced process of mind control? #YuriBezmenov #MKUltra #NWO



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40 thoughts on “5 Things We Know about Ideological Subversion #NWO #MKUltra #Vault7 #ItsTime

  1. Hi guys, full doco about Yuri is here 🙂

  2. It's not just young people. My parents are retired pensioners and have led quite narrow home-centred lives, so watch far too much television. They too start repeating the MSM narratives.

  3. bloody amazing Ed as usual!

  4. I think apart of this is done through symbolism, If you can remove the symbols from the arguments you can perhaps, stop or delay their programed responses. People are not arguing ideas, principles, values or philosophy, they are arguing with symbols, which have different and interchangeable meanings from one group to another, like arguing in different languages. You have to remove the symbols (politicians) contextual symbols (environmental and sensory patterns).

  5. If you look into these peoples' eyes it's clear they are to use a very technical term RAT ASS NUTS … Oh and EVIL.

  6. Thankyou The Outer Dark

  7. This is one of the best videos I have seen in quite a while. Thank you.

  8. NAZI democrat take away Your guns makes you think

  9. we live on a hollow earth! not flat earth NASA lie to you Trump please help
    the mainstream media news lies to you
    we need the 9/11 truth Now
    UFO proof will kill the mainstream media

  10. Ur video says it all! Yes the HRC supporters only received positive information about her on the feeds. Of course!!! Hence the confusion when Hillary lost and the disappointment of her losing even though she won the popular vote. Thank God for the electoral college!

  11. Former CIA Operative: Trump Is Battling Pedophile Network

    Message starts at 4:50. Washington DC is
    full of Pedophiles that are willingly black mailed to sell us out 20 Trillion
    Debt…Wars..for Israel’s expansion. We have murdered Millions over in the Middle
    East..Obama printed 9 Trillion out of thin air to
    cave in the economy for his Banksters Zionist buddies who intend to destroy
    Google: Operation Dark Room Norway.
    Google: 31 Haitian Child Sex Traffickershttps://youtu.be/QWssScnqy-Q

  12. Former CIA Operative: Trump Is Battling Pedophile Network

    Message starts at 4:50. Washington DC is
    full of Pedophiles that are willingly black mailed to sell us out 20 Trillion
    Debt…Wars..for Israel’s expansion. We have murdered Millions over in the Middle
    East..Obama printed 9 Trillion out of thin air to
    cave in the economy for his Banksters Zionist buddies who intend to destroy
    Google: Operation Dark Room Norway.
    Google: 31 Haitian Child Sex Traffickershttps://youtu.be/QWssScnqy-Q

  13. OK I JUST SAW ESOTERIC ED. Are u the creator of this UTUBE site and where are u from U.K. perhaps. Please let me know I am very impressed with this site. I did sub.

  14. OUTERDARK. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY ONE TRULY EXPLAINING WHY WE CANNOT GET THROUGH TO MOST PPL AND HAVE A TRULY INFORMED DISCOURSE WITH ANYONE. I live it everyday. This video is AMUST SEE FOR EVERYONE. However will they even listen to this? The average person today along with entertainment and MSM ARE ABSOLUTELY PART OF THIS IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION . Do u also possibly believe these idiots are chipped.? Is your name ID OR WHAT. Are u the creator of this site? I subbed and this site should be mandatory on anyone's playlist who is sincerely seeking unbiased truth. This also enables one to verbalized and explain the paradigm and its origin to anyone that will truly listen. I cannot thank you enough for this vital information. The PC MOVEMENT AND MORAL RELATIVISM ARE MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS WHOLE MESS. Please msg me your name and website address please.

  15. Most ppl are not speaking from REAL INTEGRITY.

  16. Correction: first name of the person I just mentioned. It is YURI.

  17. Turin Bezmenov KGB Defector giving us explanation of IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION. CRUCIAL INFORMATION. MUST Know THIS KNOWLEDGE . Explains why no one with profound information cannot have a conversation with the everyday person today who is so uninformed.

  18. Who is the creator of this site. Can someone please tell me? Also who is the narrator of this site.

  19. Love this site . Will sub. This is a must see. Ideological subversion. Inability to know truth from fiction, see this everyday all over. Moral relativism and PC political correctness has ruined and eroded any possibility of a relevant conversation on any topic.

  20. Ed, This is exactly the pattern. Have you ever read up on the byzantine empire? Specifically, how they maintained their powerful position for such a long time in a highly contested geo-graphical region? Normally we are told that they were rich, coffers full of gold, thus capable of raising large armies, and massive payoffs. Which is true, as they paid off Attila The Hun rather than defeat him militarily. They were surrounded by enemies, so they wouldn't be able to maintain a large army for defence no matter how much gold they had. Instead they chose to work smarter not harder and would subvert they enemies using paid spies and double agents. These spies would infiltrate the communities and sew the seeds of doubt, tolerance, and peace. They would provide alternative versions of events, suggest attacking weaker enemies ones that' otherwise be ally. These divisions ensured that not only were single communities not a threat thus easier to manage and maintain.

    They also would send spies into their own community to root out subversion in byzantine. Thus a single spy is worth thousands men. Even Sun Tzu said this.

    However, as we all know, all empires eventually do fall. So when the Byzantine Empire did fall to the Muslims their spy masters left the city to the new fall back position for the Empire. Wanna guess where that was?

    If you guessed Moscow you'd be correct (though some likely went west, likely Berlin). And along with them: all their subversion tactics. which were used to subdue and control their borders — poland, ukraine, georgia, etc.. Finally, these tactics ended up in the hands of the communists which is why it was deployed on the West. A also employed by the West on it's own people in most recent times.

    Of course subversion must be tailored the enemy, so no two campaigns look the same and therefore is difficult to track and prove — they all look like one off incidents. But the larger general pattern is there. I mean, how many times do security forces and the police have to get caught essentially infiltrating, and leading people to commit acts they had no original intentions of doing. While others groups are left to be as destructive as they please. And for everytime they get caught, how many aren't caught. And the people just never wake up, because like I said they all look like one off, isolated incidents — and if you point these things out, even to friends, you will be dismissed as a crazy person, the local conspiracy theorist…. even when you provide dates, times, and cases you won't be believed.

  21. You are definitely on to something very real.
    No sane person would refute this; In fact, another powerful example of "greying" the moral boundaries of society is the Orlando night club murderer's FATHER just happens to be seated directly behind the podium as a "special guest" at a Hillary Clinton rally just DAYS after the mass killing committed by his son WHILE Clinton talks about the attack! The audacity is historic! Here is a link for those who didn't know about this:

  22. … Another quite well done posting. Based on my own research, which seems to have been going on forever, lol, there's very important information herein. And the series of flashed-up image clips are seriously relevant to this topic. Again, well done, well done.

  23. I am so glad i took the steps to educate my son from an early age about cultural marxism & subversion. He see's through most of this stuff for himself and he's only 12. Without a parent to guide you, for those people who have a little more cynicism, you grow up feeling somethings wrong with the world and society but can't articulate it properly or indeed see the bigger picture – you only see the problems within your immediate sphere of influence, and you see them as disconnected and distinct. It's not until you begin to educate yourself by studying history, and people like Bernays and Bezmenov that you actually realise what is going on. Thankfully, many more people are becoming aware of the agenda thanks to people like The Outer Dark and countless other Youtubers, so this knowledge is not restricted to those more academically inclined who actually bother to read beyond the Prof's recommend list.

  24. you know what i think is really weird, that almost all your videos you follow a certain pattern. like 5 of this 10 of that.. sounds like some mind control tool in order to push information

  25. Love—your—channel—-keep—it—up

  26. Add Linda Sarsour to the list of morally bankrupt speakers at the women's March and Yosra Khogali for her contribution to race relations.

  27. Do not worship Graven images; God is dimension 1, Demons/angels are dimension 2, We are souls trapped in Dimension 3. All media is created by Demons/angels to control our minds and keep us in the third dimension. Books, Movies, Art, Magazines, Music, News is all created from dimension 2, if we believe it, we are worshipping graven images. Reality as we know it is a test. Only God is real, everything else is a two dimensional presentation in a three dimensional construct! Maya! This so explains the tower of babel as rising in form through dimension. Would the goal truly be dimension 4? A projection out and away from God as such! God being the source energy is what makes the counterfeit second dimension projections of the third dimension seem real to us trapped within. Allegory of the cave come to mind for anyone? https://classicalastrologer.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/plato-allegory-of-the-cave.pdf

  28. I love your lists, such a great wry delivery. You are not screaming like Alex Jones, Thanks!

  29. I refer you to Russ dizdar

  30. people messing with you not giving it straight

  31. this impacts us all unknowingly. thank you for sharing this content

  32. lolz.. juz had this one.. people looove to argue more these days over a silly little things.. someone calling me a muslim juz becuz of my profile pict instead of the information being given or the subject being discussed.. so funny.. 😀

  33. This is some pretty disturbing stuff, and it also could explain why so many fools seem so brain dead regardless of the truth slapping them in the face.

  34. Nicely done Ed, this is exactly how social engineering works, perhaps you might like to do a video on 'Repressive Tolerance' I'm sure your subscribers would love to know why minority groups exist and by the way, is another of the underlying motives for using someone akin to Donna Hylton and the minority group she stands for. The wholesome message she is trying to deliver is destroyed psychologically and she would never know she has just been played. These type of tactics are used everywhere including the work place, ever wonder why you can't compliment on the way a co-worker looks? Only one thing is for sure Ed, we are up against some brilliant minds.

  35. This clip brainwashed me, don't watch this clip.

  36. so that's what's wrong with all these leftards they have been Brain Washed!!

  37. looking back on last year's election you can see ideological subversion everywhere. From the women's march on D.C to people at rallies shouting "build that wall" People tend to forget that our political system whether Democrat or Republican serve the same masters. No matter if you're choosing the lesser of two evils you're still picking something that's sinister.

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