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(15 Aug 2011) SHOTLIST
1. Mid of defence force guard of honour lining up under heavy rain ++MUTE++
2. SOUNDBITE (Hindi) Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister:
“We want a strong Lokpal (ombudsman) to prevent corruption in high places. We have recently introduced a bill in parliament to achieve this. Now only parliament can decide what type of Lokpal legislation should be enacted. I am aware of the differences of opinion on some aspects of the Bill. Those who don”t agree with this Bill can put forward their views to Parliament, political parties and even the press. However, I also believe that they should not resort to hunger strikes and fast unto death.” ++SOUNDBITE CONTINUES UNDER SHOT 3++
3. Mid of Indian national flag
4. Close of Indian national flag
5. SOUNDBITE (Hindi) Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister:
“I have said so much on corruption because I know that this problem is a matter of deep concern for all of us. However, this is a difficulty for which no government has a magic wand. We are taking simultaneous action on many fronts in our fight against corruption. We want all political parties to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight.”++SOUNDBITE CONTINUES UNDER SHOT 6++
6. Pan right of Red Fort complex where the speech is taking place ++PARTLY MUTE++
India”s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Monday that his government will take the strictest possible action against wrongdoers in a series of corruption scandals facing his government.
Singh made the comments from the ramparts of a 17th century fort during a speech marking the 64th anniversary of India”s independence from British rule.
Singh”s government has been beset by scandals over the murky sale of the mobile telephone spectrum and last year”s Commonwealth Games, which together lost the country as much as 40 (b) billion US dollars, according to government auditors.
For two weeks, parliament has been paralysed by anti-corruption protests, stalling crucial legislation on land reforms and an anti-corruption law.
Singh said that a “strong and independent Lokpal” or ombudsman was needed to fix the problems.
Singh also promised fair compensation to farmers whose land is being taken up for development and housing projects.
India and Pakistan gained independence when the departing British split the subcontinent in 1947.

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