This cover up of pizzagate needs to stop. From Twitter, to Reddit, to main stream media calling it “fake news,” to using a false flag gunman to bring a gun inside Comet Ping Pong to make us look ridiculous and delusional. This needs to stop.


Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FId958lWzCI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub0JDnaU9UA


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36 thoughts on “(2017) PIZZAGATE COVER UP – TWITTER SUSPENDS ACCOUNT AFTER EXPOSING 20K PEDOPHILE ACCOUNTS #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries

  1. This cover up of pizzagate needs to stop. From Twitter, to Reddit, to main stream media calling it "fake news," to using a false flag gunman to bring a gun inside Comet Ping Pong to make us look ridiculous and delusional. This needs to stop.

  2. Crooked social programming editors and owners will be found out, exposed, and arrested, convicted and jailed eventually. Evil will not protect them, as the quicker they are exposed and die, the quicker those souls are damned and put into hell.

  3. The world is sick smh sickening

  4. Molley needs protection. These people will try to kill her!

  5. GladI never signed up for Twitter! They seem to be just a leftist propaganda arm!

  6. Why does this puke hilary still have any power to do any
    thing.Take their money away from them. Render them powerless

  7. This was months ago, not new.

  8. The NEW YORK TIMES has the NERVE to put a commercial about FAKE News!! Lol!! Are they REALLY this stupid? I forgot….YES THEY ARE!!!

  9. Please send me the list…….

  10. And now you tube researchers are being deleted or marked as debunked. Not!

  11. Hillary is one ugly bitch!

  12. Satanist isn't real and those witches putting a spell on Trump are. Opposite news and somehow everything DEBUNKED
    Yeah… who's running the media, and controlling the news that should go out. Is there anyone thinking over there?
    What a bunch of moron, at the very least the different lie you put out shouldn't contradict each other
    They can't even follow a simple narrative. this is directed by a moron. As soon as pizzagate got out in oct-nov last year, they branded it fake news. They didn't use that term for sandy hoax, or 9/11 inside job, no it got out the days that fake actor went to Comet PP. My dog look less guilty when he does something bad and he is standing right in the middle of the mess he created. Who taught them how to lie or hide the truth? U suck at BOTH VERY FAKE NEWS. A politician sure knows how to lie, but can he hide he's lying. he can try(that work in 1930 not anymore). Keep trying as well MEDIA, 5% effort is clearly not fooling anyone.

    Propaganda Media has stop trying anymore. They have to use those ELITES control censoring chinabook, chinatweet, chinareddit, chinagle to go after the one reporting pizzagate, and they only go after those who have the most damming evidence. How stupid can they be. They should release 1000-2000 cia agent to kill everyone that has ever visited a page where pizzagate was mention. Like this would appear normal and that there's nothing to see. You're trying to hide the track/lead but you left a piles of feces we can follow up and SMELL now thanx to the MEDIA non-effort. Which his even worst then the track you try covering up that tie comet PP to everything else. You(MEDIA) just keep exposing the truth with those fabricated lie, that even a 4yrs old could see right thru. They first test their news release in china to see if ppl believe it, test it on dogs while you're at it. Same difference(you will find more disbeliever in dog than in china). You could pass the same news 24h/7/365 that still wouldn't work. this is like a 5yrs fighting an adult, they still think they can win and are covering up/debunking. Every news you fantasize about and release, everyday day that goes by more and more people learn the truth. Congratulation VERY FAKE NEWS you're achieving the opposite, of what you're trying to do. How much money you spent setting up that plan? FAKE Media need to put 90% of his total income into fabricating news, stop spending all that money on news anchor/journalist… just have a program that turn text to speech, then we won't notice the nervousness/tic/fake emotion. No human being can hide/lie over the amount of garbage you're putting up & covering up. This might be too much to hide & cover, even for a robot voice. Media still think that they can keep the boat afloat, when in REALITY(something the media doesn't know exist) it's already at the bottom of the sea. The MEDIA can't see it cause they are too busy believing their own story and making up new one. WE(the people) can see flotation device(lies), bodies(crimes), briefcase full of money(corruption) popping at the water surface. The MEDIA just don't know when to quit, so THEY are sinking with the ship.

    HEY MEDIA can you see all these peoples at the water surface waving you goodbye, and good riddance 🙂

  13. LOL Witch hunt. We sure could do with one. Whats the saying , oh i believe it's pay it forward

  14. Puppets or not they complied

  15. Yes i remember when a sex scandel was who slept with whoe's wife. This has become disgusting.

  16. Sorry I believed this would have been Trumps number one thing he went after, as far as I can see he is no different. Sick F N countries we live in sheeple!

  17. as i have said before and will continue to repeat:THE ONLY GOOD PEDOPHILE IS A DEAD PEDOPHILE.

    i and billions of others would enjoy assisting with the death and beheading of these disgusting pedophile bastards
    it absolutely must be done and videoed,documented and displayed for all of these cowardly child loving pedophiles
     as the corruption runs very deep and into all levels of the former government.beheading is the only solution.

  18. Wow this is so pathetic how can anyone ignore this? It is not acceptable pediphilia, cannibalism, satanism all at the highest levels Reddit needs to be boycotted just like CNN

  19. Corbett Report
    should get involved with
    "David Seaman"

  20. CORBETT of the Corbett Report is a very Credible Source Informer.

  21. send the infos to Trey Gowdy !

  22. I am closing my twitter account! This is sick!

  23. Use the ghetto sites like Fakebook & twitter as a tool to Keep posting the Pizzagate / Pedogate .. Get kicked off who cares!

  24. I heard that the true story to why Flynn was removed from his position was regarding a PedoGate matter (not that he shouldn't have spoken to Russia). Seems in the course of his new position for Trump, he came upon a pedophile list 📃.
    A close friend of VP Pence was on it and Flynn didn't tell Pence (he found out later). VP or not Pence has no right to know something that sensitive! (imo), for security sake. So I don't quite know how to take Pences attitude (I'm not thinking well of Pence, that's for sure!)

  25. Good for you Corbett Report! 👍

  26. Can anyone provide ANY real evidence that pizzagate is real, that doesn't involve interpreting emails in any way that suits your conspiracy theory and then posting each others YouTube videos about it?

    You people claim that the words "hot dogs" and "pizza" are code words for pedophilia.
    Where do you get that from?

    You just made it up because it plays into your sick fantasies



  27. What the??? Qhy are you using President Donald Trump's photo so many times in a pizza gate video alongside pedos? He is not a pedo. What are you trying to say? Why does this vid have a really graceful thumbnail? This is weird.

  28. reddit banned my sub facebook censors my links youtube takes ads off my videos i am sick of it

  29. Death shall be upon them. Even after death.

  30. it seems to me that this is spiraling and everyone is running..the roaches are scattering in every direction especially since Trump’s human trafficking conference or announcement. This must go deep cause everyone is covering up Twitter, Facebook, CNN, Reddit (I never liked that site) snopes etc..the list goes on and on.

  31. Who can stop these people? Is there anybody with real integrity left in our government? If so, please stand up!

  32. pedofile protectors are just as bad as the real deal. !!! scum

  33. I heard Dorsey was a member of a Reddit group interested in cannabilism.

  34. Transparency Exposure Accountability


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