(2017) PIZZAGATE ARRESTS – SHOCKING PEDOPHILE ARRESTED – MUST SEE!! NEW HD #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta



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8 Thoughts to “(2017) PIZZAGATE ARRESTS – SHOCKING PEDOPHILE ARRESTED – MUST SEE!! NEW HD #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta”

  1. $$$, once one gets it, their desires grow. Their desires grow to 'what they can get away with! Cocaine, anyone? Also, applies to Control, Molding all that pedophile evil acted out on children. No baby anymore is safe! One generation to the next in a sexually dysfunctional family 'unit'. Incest! Parents have to take their child's photo and go stand your ground in front of the Congress Building!  Trump, is a Father a very good one. We, need more 'FATHERS!'

  2. The big pizza cheese and hot dogs entrepreneurs get a pass?  Must tread carefully amongst the shadows of government about to collapse.

  3. Obama Likes a big ol PECKER IN HIS ASS …..

  4. yeah id bet half of DC and half of Hollywood are in on this illuminati child sacrifice stuff.

  5. agree completly.Pick up the pace and save these kids.and concerning God it says by no other name but the name of Jesus can a man enter the kingdom of heaven.That is Yeshua in hebrew.Thanks for standing up

  6. Where are they going to keep them all? They're going to have to open up some of those FEMA Camps…AKA Walmarts

  7. This is sick and it's global lets stop it

  8. Trump's done 1500 in a month arrests for pedophiles

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